THICC Thinking, A Movement Towards Being Thick-Positive

So you want to be skinny, an XS small, and a 30” waist or size 6? Might want to re-think that thought. These days, having thick, i.e. THICC thighs, mid-section, or physique is making a new bold statement not seen since the dad bod became popular. Focusing on being your genuine self and who you are, is the new statement of self-expression. Social platforms are still boosting the “model” looks, but look deeper. I have specifically noticed that my THICC customers are just not settling and are moving forward with their movement to normalize the variety of shapes, sizes and are expressing and showcasing their bodies with far more personality than the fake models are. From the THICC thighs, arms, butt, and even stomach, men / woman are showcasing the newly found love of people just for loving themselves for who and where they are in their life journey today.

We show our love for the movement with our THICC v-neck t-shirt and THICC boys ultra soft cotton t-shirts that are designed for a more fitted tailoring.

I Like THICC Boys T-shirt

The empowering messages tell the whole world that THICC is not only “in” but also here to stay. And to highlight those thighs, our Perfect 3” inseam shorts are made out of a long lasting cotton/spandex combination for years of use and our THICC Thigh Swimsuit

THICC Thigh Swimsuit for Men

I myself am working daily on my THICC status. I use think my thick thighs and ass were a bad attribute so I focused for so many years on trying to be thin. Wish I had held out because as I get older, the THICC is harder and harder to achieve, but I am proud to be uniquely me. And the same goes for you. How boring life would be if we all looked the same. Right?!

Granted, I’m a six in a world of many 10’s, but I’m going to be the best 6 out there. Thank you to all the other creators sharing the "real" selves. It gives me courage to do more and to step out as myself. Okay, attractiveness scale humor to the side, it is great that I am getting more comfortable in my own skin. It is so valuable to be unique in this world... I now appreciate being different more than ever.

THICC means a heftier or muscular and broader man. Someone who is not just snack, but a whole buffet. Now don’t be confused with THIQUE which means “cool” or “tight”, or “slammin”. I guess you could be a THIQUE THICC man… LOL

Men are beginning to embrace and apply this way of thinking and showcasing and working in the gym has to increase their ass and thighs. I personally find two different types of THICC men attractive… clean, polished, pressed, and smelling good is one, but the polar opposite is the man who is sweaty, disheveled, and a touch dirty from exercising in the gym, or working in his daily job. The only thing to make him even hotter is a smile and low growl. A lot of my bear friends fit this category so well and they epitomize the perfect persona of this title. 

See another supporting article we have on the THICC subject. Be careful how you use the term though as some might still be stuck on the connotation that it is a negative relating to being big boned, overly large, etc. Lead into it with a more common compliment and then drop the THICC term to showcase that your intent is a positive attribution. 

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