Tell the world who you are without saying a single word... INVI is a place to shop for those who like to express themselves. That is what INVI supports. 

I'm Ken Dickison and I created INVI and have always had an appreciation for expression. Growing up in a community that didn't embrace being who you are, I now choose to love owning something unique, funny, or descriptive of my personality (or maybe an alter ego of who I really want to be.)  

When I wear something out on the town, or when I'm entertaining friends at my home, I now choose to let my style be representatively me. As my newest friend, I want you to have that too.

Let me know what you like about the store, where you see opportunity for improvement: CONTACT US

There are so many ways to interact with me from social media to our online chat experience, so please let me know how to make your experience a great one.

Ken Dickison