What are you waiting for? A directive from the inner you. Are you listening?

So often in today's world there are so many ways to express yourself through social media.  And, with all that is social, probably the most impactful is the lowest tech option going... an in person encounter. How you present yourself, carry the conversation, and dress decidedly leave a lasting impression. Not only to others, but more importantly, for yourself.

Whether it is for business, or for personal, what you wear affects what others size you up to be and represent.

INVI is a line of Expressive Clothing that says who you are without you uttering a single word. With gay culture evolving yet again, the freedom to be who you want to be is definitely easier and undoubtedly expected. No longer does your voice have to be silent, but what you wear can speak quite loudly. 

Want to be comfortable without wearing an oversized t-shirt? Want to exude confidence and style? Spending a few extra dollars for quality doesn't necessarily mean designer clothing anymore. What it does mean is that you have to pay attention to fit, style, and wearing something that represents the person you are, or want to be. We promise to sell all the above and comfort at less than designer pricing.

Real Men Love MenI hope you will choose to sign up for our newsletter and create a connection with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Pinterest. We see a new collective group of gay men forming that support, encourage, and celebrate each other's uniqueness. If at any time you don't see yourself in what we sell or share on social, then send me a personal note and I will insure YOUR voice is not only heard but pushed to forefront of awareness because the gay community can be a place that appreciates all gay men if its leaders appreciate them.

What message represents you? What would you like to say, but don't necessarily want the words to come from your mouth? INVI wants to be the designer, creator and brand that represents you and your style. Be you, for you is a motto I want to instill in your mind. Are shirts with printed messaging for you? I will forever argue that when you wear one of ours, you will unlock a voice you never knew you had. 

Ken Dickison, Founder


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