Will There be Gay Pride This Year 2021 - What Gay Pride Means to Me?

Are you looking for some fun this year, especially when 2020 was completely canceled. Celebrating life is undoubtedly important for the human psyche more this year than ever before. Not in any of our lifetimes have we had a year like the last.

As I begin to dust off the collection of pride wear, I realize that I MUST have something new to bring to the re-opening of life with the living. Gay pride means so much to me mostly because it was the first place I felt like I could be my “real” self in public. Always running to the gay bars, under cover of the night was the only way I could find my community back in the 90’s. It was this brilliant moment of being/seeing me, in the daylight, with so many people like me who supported/encouraged all to be their authentic selves. This telling moment saying... be who you feel like on the inside; wear yourself in the daylight... let that sun tan your inner spirit.

To celebrate ALL our own coming out stories, our pride collection is ever-changing and growing, so as I start to seek out what communities are having any pride events, I know you will find something fun, supportive, and perfect to wear year round.

Will gay pride happen this year is completely based on community guidelines and timing… many will choose to push back, and others complete postponement into 2022. My research is indicating that June prides are being pushed.

Oh well, guess I will have to have my own gathering to celebrate. Break out the giant speaker, handy disco light set, and my pride t-shirts from INVI. My friends are coming over to BBQ and I am forgetting about my dieting in the name of the rainbow and what it stands for.
So whether you are gay, an ally, my family or friend, I invite you to stop and take the time to celebrate life and the people who support you. Be you... and realize that this is YOUR time.

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