Back to School Fashion, What to Wear, and Access to Personalize Fashion Help

Every year around this time you start to think about preparing for the new school year and whether that is for elementary school, middle school, high school, or college, we have some tips to make it easy and fun.

Depending on your style (and yes, you can change as often as you like) this year, we encourage you to think about having access to a couple of staple items and then embellishing with “Expressionwear” pieces that help you say something without you speaking a single word. See the meaning of Expressionwear here.

Back to school clothes come out mid-Summer specifically to pull you in for Summer clothing sales however as things roll into Fall clearance sales start.

We feel this will be great advice specific for boys in Elementary School, Middle School - tweens, High School, and even the College men. 



This is up to you, but from my perspective you should look at it two ways. Neither is wrong and one year you may feel one way and the next the other:

  1. Buy the basics and see what trends are popping at your school or collaborate with your friends, people who influence you. And, if you are on a budget, those trending clothes will fall into deeper discounts or even clearance pricing the further the season goes, allowing you to pick them up for far less. This option allows you to test the waters… lean into your style and honestly is just as effective as the next option.
  2. Walk in the door being yourself, your style, to set the trend for others. Buy what you like and feel comfortable in and never apologize for setting the pace for others to follow. Part of growing up is about exploring new looks and if you are brave and bold, willing to possibly even take some flack for being different, then this is a great way to express who are. 

Somewhere in the middle? It is possible but be prepared to pivot one way of the other quickly.



  1. Short Shorts - You’re young… show off those legs… thicc thighs can really shine in this look
  2. Low Waist Pants - looser fitting, not super tight, unless that is your vibe. Tapering legs are still in though
  3. Short-hemmed pants (show off those shoes)
  4. No show socks - of course
  5. Neutral color jacket , then black heavy coat for winter
  6. Layering t-shirt with button down on top and open
  7. Converse style canvas shoes for a younger look and a Chelsea shoe for a more sophisticated vibe



  1. Jeans - best to have a basic and comfortable pair that is solid with no fade, no holes, and a classic fit for your body type. Comfort and simplicity is important here because this pair will be very versatile for different events throughout the year. We suggest a dark blue color because you can pair it with a t-shirt, button down, tank, or even golf shirt. Don’t let this stop you though, flared bottoms, tight fitting, strategically placed “rips” can be fun and are trending always! If last year’s jeans still fit but no longer work for the classic for this year, find a YouTube video on how to add your own rips, or cut them into cute shorts. 
  2. T-shirts - here it’s ideal to have some solid color ones for days when/if you want to blend in, but there are those days when you just, must,  be cute and more expressive. We suggest you wear “Expressionwear” by INVI, duh! All levels of volume, in terms of boldness, can be found and will pair well with your jeans, shorts, swimwear, and are perfect for friend and date nights. Wearing something bold, crazy, or colorful help you to temporarily step out and showcase the fun and exciting side of your personality. 
  3. Comfortable shoes - here we suggest you buy whatever you know you will wear regardless of the other clothing. My niece did not go a single day during high school without high heeled black thigh high black boots. This was her signature, her style, and she liked that it helped her to rise above others when she walked with a lot more pep in her step down the halls of school. Whether you want shoes that give you a few inches of height, or ones for the sweet look. Even INVI has shoe options for super comfort or that canvas Converse look.



Buying new helps to keep your closet fresh, but you might be like me and didn’t have a lot of money to buy clothes during my tween and teenage years, and as much as I wanted “brand” names, I certainly didn’t have the money for that. Learn to become crafty and take older clothing and giving it new life… tie-dye, embellishing it with some bling, or simply cutting or modifying it to look differently. Trading clothes with friends is a great way to give others the impression you added a new piece to your wardrobe. Adding a bandana, hanging chain, or homemade belt can definitely be an accessory that makes last year’s outfit look new this year!

Keep it classy… look, I know your body is going through changes, and even in college your body is still changing (just like your mind), and where Halloween is about dressing up, every day is about the core of who you are on the inside, so let that be the guiding force. 



Expressing yourself everyday can be challenging and exhausting, so let your clothing do some of that work for you. Some days you want to hide and not stand out, and others you want everyone to see you. Think about who you, who you want to world to see, and lean your clothing that way. Definitely have something both bolder and more conservative. Also, advice on your body type and what to wear can be helpful. Look around you at the people in your life to find someone whose style you can mimic, learn from, and approach for tips. INVI Expressionwear chat is also always available to give free advice to LGBTQIA+ people on styling regardless. They even offer 15 and 30 minute FREE personalized fashion advice. You don’t have to buy anything from them, schedule a conversation here.

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