Why is Self-Expression Important, What it Means - 3 Elements to Master

You wake up in the morning and realize yet again you are just 1 person among billions of people on the planet. As a human and individual, you were built as a tool for self-expression. It’s in your DNA, like an animal’s struggle for survival, you have evolved with a desire to more than survive, but to excel. But why is self-expression important and how do you do that in 2021?

Self-expression is a primal element of your being, developing your own voice, style, and personality set the stage for how you and others interact with each other.

But how do you get heard among the billions? You might think the volume of your voice is important, and many say it is, but let’s step through 3 elements you should focus on.

The meaning of self-expression according to dictionary.com is: the expression or assertion of one's own personality, as in conversation, behavior, poetry, or painting. A very good of definition, however, a bit outdated for the individual of today. Self-expression can come in the form of choices you make before you even leave house, or are even seen by any other person.

  1. Look inward - who are you? (don’t know?) Knowing is not necessary, but over time, make it a point to pay attention to your choices, how the world is affecting you… the choices and voices of others in the media, news, and your inner circle of friends, family and career. I put them in that order because the friends are family you choose and they represent an extension of the real “self-expressive” you in an outward facing form. Family is unchosen, but gets to the core of where and what you come from. And career are those that are influential because they are more than just a random occurrence in daily life. Think it stops once you think you know who you are? Nope. You are an ever-changing and evolving being. Be prepared to discover new things along the way.

  2. It’s all on the surface. This starts with the underwear you put on and clothes you wear… the way you style your hair, choice of makeup, nail polish, and accessories. The first layer of self-expression and the one that rest of the world will use to pin you up against all others in their circles of influence. Confidence can come from the clothes you wear and the message it send to others. I would even go as far to say that the clothes you wear say something without you even speaking a single word. INVI Expressionwear is a great place to start to discover options.

  3. Raising your hand then Let it out. Whether you tweet, like, or comment on anything social media, you are developing a tool that allows others to hear your self-expression. You are your own brand and how you interact with others sets you apart from others. To just raise your hands is but a mere toe dip in the water, but when you open your mouth and interact with others, you are giving a direct way towards showcasing your self-expression. Your voice does have weight and in combination with the others above will pull it all together and impact the way self-expression comes back to you, that in turn impacts your self-expression again.


Self-expression is what help you advice in your life, career, and relationships. By choosing to pay attention to it, you help your position in the ranks of billions working to do the same.


INVI Expressionwear is great place to start with T-shirts, Swimsuits, & Bracelets that provide that surface expression and help you grow your ability to connect all three aspects of your journey with self-expression.

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