What is a THICC Boy and What Does it Mean to be One?

So you want to be skinny, an XS small, and a 30” waist? Might want to re-think that thought. With the movement to express yourself as the genuine person that you are, having thick, i.e. THICC thighs, mid-section, or physique is making a new bold statement not seen since the dad bod and dad shoes became popular. Focusing on being who you are is becoming the new statement of self-expression.

Although social platforms are still mostly boosting the “model” looks, I have specifically noticed that my THICC customers are just not having it and are moving forward with their movement to normalize the variety of shapes, sizes and with far more personality than the models are, looks are no longer the only factor in influencing. Let's face it, there are far more of us normal people than the models and we come with an added bonus of personality to make our package a real authentic deal.

Be clever and showcase the amazing you! We love the THICC V-neck t-shirt and I like THICC boys ultra soft cotton t-shirt. These empowering messages tell the whole world that THICC is not only “in” but also here to stay. Even the THICC peach shirt is a fun way to splash onto any scene with empowerment.

Shirts Red / XS I Like THICC boys T-Shirt INVI-Expressionwear

I myself am working daily on my THICC ass body. I use think my thick thighs and ass were bad and focused for so many years on trying to be thin. Wish I had held out because as I get older, the THICC is harder and harder to achieve, but I am proud to be uniquely me. Granted, I use to be a six in a world of nines and tens, but now I’m edging my way up by focusing on what genetics gave me and less about conforming to what society thinks I should be. Okay, attractiveness scale humor to the side, it is sad that it has taken me so many years to become comfortable in my own skin. With the movement towards being the best authentic you, I see a bright future.

THICC meaning is a full-figured and curvy person, but those men that have embraced it are applying it to ass and thighs specifically and honestly, I have a great appreciation for a THICC man. Especially clean, polished, pressed, and smelling good, in the right setting… sweaty, and it's a total turn-on. The only thing to make him even hotter is a smile and low growl. A lot of my bear friends fit this category so well and they epitomize the perfect persona of this title.

THICC is a compliment especially if you follow it up with a light touch and a mesmerizing stare of delight. Be careful how you use the term though as some might still be stuck on the connotation that it is a negative relating to being big boned, overly large, etc.

Our entire Alphabet Mafia (I like to just call us the Alphabet - LGBTQIA+ community) should embrace the whole community of no matter what shape or size. We get pushed aside in so many other places in our life and that should not be from within our own community!

In fact, as our site moves forward, even I am going to push more content around the every day gay - now deemed “EveryGay”. Yeah, we will still showcase product with models, but we want you to share the wearing of your INVI Expressionwear with us so we can show others how “EveryGay” can wear what we sell.

Want us to share your amazing photos in INVI Expressionwear? See email below!

Ken Dickison

Owner - customer_service@INVI-me.com


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