Expressionwear is what I proudly wear

As I open my closest to look for my outfit of the day (OOTD), I automatically look for something that is expressive of my mood. Expressionwear is what I call it. Now, you may not call it that, but I’ll bet subconsciously, you select your clothes in much the same way.

I call it Expressionwear because when you wear something that tells the world who you are without speaking a single word, you are truly wearing your expression. Clothing says a lot about who you are.

And believe me, this gay man has a lot to say. Some days I feel like wearing something simple and comfortable, and other days, something bold that speaks to my friskier side or the sexual undertones of my lifestyle. Gay fashion is quite liberal and when you wear a shirt like Dirty Daddy, or Gay For Play, you send a message that tells others that you are more than the shirt you wear. It shares your personality, your desires, and who you want to be with the world.

Gay fashion is trending towards Expressionwear and the boundaries of what is a fashion taboo for men is beginning to melt away. The latest gay fashion is about showing others the many facets of your life. From the secretive messaging of Alphabet MafiaZaddy, or I’m your Cake shirts, to the bold and provocative like Taking Applications, Real Men Love Men, or Gaymer shirts that lead the reader to realize that you are putting yourself out there and to take you for all that you are. 

INVI Expressionwear is a gay fashion brand that embraces all who want to step out away from the plain basic clothing and give its’ followers the chance to wear quality ultra-soft comfortable cotton. I personally enjoy wearing them because the online brand makes no apologies for who they are and empower all to be proud of who they are, no matter where they are on their journey of sexuality, personal growth, or direction in life.

The brand even shows its ability beyond the shirt and has custom Expressionwear gay fashion shoes and a clever selection of semi-precious stone, gold, and sterling silver bracelets. The gay fashion expert has even invested in a series of clever watches that varies from cocky to sophisticated. The Cock of the Month collectable watch series is only the beginning of the expressive personality and their Birdcage Inspired Greek Boy Bowls, Plates, and Platter Dinnerware will serve up pure laughter when you plan on serving up your special Guatemalan Seafood chowder with huevos!

Every aspect of your life can be an expression and INVI is building many collections of Expressionwear options for those wanting expressive wearables, home, and jewelry so they can be the best they can be.

Now for my OOTD, I decided that Zaddy is who I am today… and I will wear it proud today. Tomorrow… is another day and another new me to be shared with the world.

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