Expressing yourself without saying a single word: How influencers are using printed fashion to connect to their audiences

With the continued social acceptance of the queer community and introduction of platforms like TikTok, the colors of the rainbow have suddenly seen a surge in proclaimed self-confidence and celebration for oneself.

Gleefullytim Tim Beeckman Davis Photo

Small town gay boys, like Tim Beeckman Davis commonly known to his followers as GleeFullyTim, are becoming overnight stars on their own show. Fashion is taking center stage with them as they express their personality to a camera rather than a live audience. Their choice of clothing plays its own part as one of their key props to insure you know who they are and how they feel that day. 

Being labeled as Expressionwear TM it’s the newest tool to help tell the world who you are without saying a single word. Exforsys Consulting and Training states, “Not everyone is gifted with the ability to effectively express thoughts and feelings.” And Jessica Gross adds from the Peace Blog, “For many people, it is difficult to put ideas into words.”

And, frankly the volume needs no sound for you to discover who these brave, bold, and daring men are while they dance, advocate for justice, and push the boundaries of what truly defines the meaning of being a gay man in the 2020’s. Trending clothes from INVI, like Gay For Play and Real Men Love Men push the boundary of traditional messages. However, with the quarantine and COVID-19 encouraging us to stay indoors and unable to interact directly with others, alternative methods to expressing oneself have leaped forward.

Loud and proud has new meaning these days, and it doesn’t necessarily mean wearing bright bold colors, but it does mean having a voice. Expressive clothing like the Hot Gay shirt showcases self-confidence and the slightly naughty Daddy Collection let you feel empowered to express who you are without reservation. The bigger message involves the continuing challenge with gay social acceptance, body positivity/dsymorphia, gay rights advocacy, and the demand that the gay community accept its own people that identify anywhere on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum as equal and worthy. 

Hot Gay Ultrasoft Expressionwear V-neck t-shirt by INVI

GleeFullyTim says it best in one of his most popular and body-positive comedy bits, that hits home for many who battle self-confidence, especially in a gay world of muscle and the aspiration for perfection. His message that “You star in your own life, who gives a sh!t what the extras have to say,” sums up how Expressionwear TM has entered the market as a way to build self-confidence and personify your own feelings.

INVI has emerged to support the revolution of gay men taking to social media in their journeys of self-expression and discovery.

Ken Dickison



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